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Reinventing Self Service with Conversational AI by Automating Knowledge Capture and Curation

Pat Higbie, Co-founder and CEO XAPP AI

Dr. Andrew Ng is a leading authority on AI transformation — he knows what works and what doesn’t work from his experience transforming Google and Baidu using artificial intelligence.  His advice to business leaders — “Start small and deliver a quick win”.

“AI is disruptive enough that I advise most business leaders to start now if you haven’t already.  I think the number one piece of advice to a lot of leaders is to start small and then to try to deliver a quick win”  Andrew Ng Co-founder and CEO Landing AI

How can enterprise leaders act on Dr. Ng’s advice to improve their customer experiences via self-service?  They can follow the succinct advice of Gartner, the leading research firm.

“Improve Customer Self-Service Adoption by Automating Knowledge Capture and Curation” Gartner

XAPP AI helps enterprises heed the advice of these industry luminaries with a new offering announced today in partnership with AWS — Conversational Self Service for Contact Center Intelligence (CSS4CCI).  CSS4CCI is a remarkably quick, easy, and efficient turnkey solution for creating enterprise-level chatbots, virtual assistants, and conversational search on websites. This SaaS solution can be configured and launched in under 1 hour by subject matter experts without any conversational AI experience.

Automating Knowledge Capture and Curation

CSS4CCI is powered by XAPP AI Optimal Conversation™ Studio, Amazon Lex and Amazon Kendra, and provides a conversational interface to dynamic contextual search of your knowledge base (e.g., what is your return policy?).  This powerful combination of AWS AI Services and XAPP AI’s leading Conversational AI middleware and smart web crawler enables enterprises to automate knowledge capture and curation and continually optimize self service experiences with human-in-the-loop (HITL) machine teaching.

XAPP AI is a technology partner in the AWS Contact Center Intelligence program and CSS4CCI is available in AWS Marketplace

The overarching goal is to reinvent customer service for a world in which every device and consumer touchpoint is conversational. CSS4CCI is an ideal solution for taking a critical first step toward that goal. Click the Let’s Get in Touch button to schedule a demo or sign up for a Free Trial.