Don't Miss a Single Lead Ever Again

Congratulations!  You’re getting noticed, and users are trying to connect with you via chat on your website.  Chat is provided as part of your Surefire Local package to answer questions visitors may have.  Our partner, XAPP AI, provides the tools to help automate your business.

Upgrade your account today, and never miss out on a valuable lead again.  With monthly plans starting under $100, don’t wait to take advantage of this limited offer

XAPP AI for Surefire

Strengthen your sales process and grow your business with a turnkey solution already integrated into your Surefire Local account.  You’re already using XAPP’s powerful AI chat as part of your package.  Upgrade today, and start getting leads sent directly to your account, live chat with visitors, and more.   

Get Leads

Send leads directly to your Surefire Local account

Live Takeover

Join any conversation and chat directly with users

Site Search

Unlock valuable content from your website

Business Messages

Add an AI assistant to your business profile

Benefits of Upgrading now

Our lead capture, deflection and scheduling solutions can be deployed across multiple channels, integrating seamlessly with your platform, ensuring you harness the power of AI without the complexities.

With the rapid changes in the AI and technology sectors, XAPP AI stands at the forefront, offering innovative Chat-GPT like solutions trained specifically on your customers’ content, then enhanced by our industry-specific models. 

You work hard, let AI help grow your business and gain new customers

Improved Customer Experience: Our AI-powered chatbot can understand customer intent across their preferred channels, easing the load on your support team.  With the paid plan, you can even jump into the conversation with Live Agent Takeover

Increased ROI: Receive Unlimited Leads. With plans starting under $100, a single lead can pay for itself

Accelerate Sales GrowthFocus on growing your business while self-service, leads, and scheduling are taken care of  

Special Pricing & Support: Get access to special pricing, support, and custom features designed to scale with your business

Why Trust XAPP AI?

State-of-the-Art AI

We’re constantly innovating, ensuring that our customers and their users are always ahead of the curve.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re helping a local business or a growing SMB, our solutions are quick and easy to deploy to fit every need

Collaborative Growth

Enjoy exclusive benefits, including training, documentation, and more, designed to fuel growth for your business

Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to your success. From onboarding to continued support, we’re here for you every step of the way


AI Chat + Leads


For Growing SMBs

  • checkXAPP AI Starter Features
  • checkSurefire Local Integrated
  • checkSelf-Service Scheduling
  • checkChat Transcripts
  • checkLive Chat Takeover
  • checkCustomizable bot name
  • checkLead Capture
  • checkAI Powered Webform Available

XAPP AI Complete

AI Chat & Search + Leads


For Optimizing Website Visitors

  • checkXAPP AI Leads Features
  • checkAI-Powered Intelligent Search
  • checkEnhanced Reporting
  • checkMulti-Channel Knowledge Model
  • checkIntegration Included
  • checkAI Powered Webform Available

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AI Chat, Search, GBM + Leads


For Local & Home Services SMBs

  • checkAll Starter & Essentials Features
  • checkGoogle Business Messages
  • checkCross-Platform Lead Capture
  • checkIntegration available
  • checkAI Powered Webform Available