Grow your Small Business using Less Resources with AI

A state of the art digital virtual assistant that knows your business, knows your industry!


  • Boost Deflection, Capture Leads, Schedule Service
  • AI powered responses from your business
  • Live person chat takeover included
  • Launch in less than 5 minutes

Are you a small business grappling with 24/7 customer queries and service scheduling?  XAPP AI’s Virtual Assistant, trained on your website content, eases the load on your support team by understanding customer intent across their preferred channels.

Our AI-Powered Solutions

Watch our 2 minute videos to learn how AI can drive revenue for your business


AI-Powered Chat

Let AI-Powered Chat be your best employee.  Our intelligent assistant has deep knowledge of your business, and can automate question answering, scheduling, and lead capture

AI-Powered Search

Visitors to your website want self-service solutions to aid their research before contacting the business directly.  Empower these users with AI-Powered search to get instant answers

Google Business Messages

Reach users beyond your website with Google Business Messages.  Now, you can have conversations with mobile users in Google search and maps.

Facts & Stats

Now is the time to gain an edge over your competition, and drive more revenue for your small business

0 %
revenue increase for companies investing in AI


0 %
of appointments are scheduled after business hours


0 %
increase in leads for companies using AI

Harvard Business Review

0 %
of customers prefer self-service before contacting a human

Harvard Business Review

Choose XAPP AI

We know your business

Our industry specific models are pre-trained to understand the language of your business, including FAQs to answer common questions.

AI in less than 5 minutes

Do you have 5 minutes? That’s all it takes to try our solution for your business. Try it free for the first 30-days.

Deeply Integrated

Connecting your business is a snap.  Send bookings and leads to your existing CRM and Field Service Management System.

Trusted by our Customers

Seamless Integrations into your Preferred Platform

Pricing within your Budget

Plans starting under $100/mo

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