A High-Quality Chatbot Solution Needs High Conversational AI Competency

Today, Conversational AI powered chatbots are being used for everything from customer service to lead generation and sales. Many market-leading companies offer chatbots on their homepage, knowing that the now familiar chat option gives customers a readily accessible path for self-service, which in turn should improve their overall experience. The higher the “Conversational AI-IQ” of the solution is, the higher the likelihood of an improved experience.
The efficacy of Conversational AI powered chatbot solutions is determined by three things: the strength and flexibility of the underlying technology, the implementation of the solution, and how it works within the context of the full customer journey.

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Hook Into Chatbot Intelligence & Consistent Experiences to Drive Leads

As people continue to shift into a more digital-first mindset, usage of chatbots in online spaces continues to grow. With 24/7 availability and instantaneous responses, it’s no wonder that there’s a strong consumer desire to use digital self-service tools like chatbots. The businesses who build and implement these tools also benefit from them, with improved operational efficiencies and the ability to scale customer service without growing their team. The benefits for both consumers and businesses rely on the chatbot experience working as expected, which means that it’s vitally important for businesses to understand and meet consumer expectations.

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Digital Self-Service is the Future of Customer Satisfaction

As websites have evolved from online listings to online experiences, user expectations and business needs for operational efficiencies have been the drivers behind a lot of technical innovations. Take for instance, chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants. Something of a novelty just a few short years ago, now over 80% of people have interacted with a chatbot. This form of digital self-service offers users a convenient way to accomplish their task – whatever it may be – quickly and efficiently. Like most things, there are good and bad ways to implement these emerging technologies into your digital strategy.

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Less Phone Calls, More Conversations: Optimal Conversations™ for Google My Business

Business owners know what they need and they know what they can afford to pay for it. With our new offering, there are no compromises. It’s enterprise-grade conversational AI technology packed into a no-code, easy to setup, simple to manage, tool. That means vendors can offer highly competitive technology at an accessible price point, all without worrying about managing any ongoing maintenance internally.

We’re excited about taking our technology and partnering with SaaS companies to put it to work for small business owners who are looking for better ways to manage inbound messages from Google Business Messages in real time.

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SMB Conversational Design Best Practices for 2023

After months of collecting data from the thousands of conversations had between small and medium sized businesses and their prospects and customers, we’ve identified six best practices about human-computer interaction (HCI) design for chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants:

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XAPP AI Achieves AWS Conversational AI Competency Distinction

It was recently announced that XAPP AI had become one of the first SaaS companies to achieve Amazon Web Services (AWS) Conversational AI Competency.

This latest distinction energizes our team as we continue innovating to further empower organizations to implement self-service conversational AI solutions that customers will enjoy using.

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Ten Years of Making the Impossible, Possible

It’s remarkable what you can accomplish when you stop letting the word “impossible” dictate the size of your dreams.

While XAPP AI was spun out of the industry-leading XAPPmedia brand in 2021, the XAPP story started ten years ago this month. Anniversaries are often a time of reflection and this one is no different.

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Three Digital Self-Service Improvements to Make in 2023

Building a conversational AI model from scratch is like opening a box and finding a bunch of blocks with no instructions. Building with a pre-trained model is like opening a box and finding those same blocks…but with detailed diagrams and instructions, and some pre-assembled foundations to help you get started.

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