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Five Things to Consider Before Building an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

The benefits of a well executed IVA can range from lowered operating costs to improved conversion rates and the ability to use conversational data to help guide future site or app improvements. The key part of that sentence is “a well executed IVA” because all of the technology in the world means nothing if it doesn’t benefit the user in some way.

To do this the right way, it’s important to ask a few key questions before you build.

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Three Tips to Supercharge On-Site Search

One of the most valuable digital tools your organization can offer is a robust on-site search function. When done properly, on-site search can provide powerful insight into your users’ needs and help you tailor content to meet those needs. By focusing on three key areas, you can improve the value of your on-site search implementation.

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Hitting the Mark with Digital-First Users (Part 3)

Congratulations, you’ve adopted some strategies and techniques we’ve covered in the previous articles. You’ve vastly improved the ability of digital-first users to find what they’re looking for, and you’ve automated your lead capturing mechanisms and sales workflows.

There’s a final step: servicing, and retaining those customers you’ve fought so hard to acquire. It’s crucial that you put the same level of effort into customer retention and satisfaction as other chores towards the top of the funnel.

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Hitting the Mark with Digital-First Users (Part 2)

All organizations are struggling with staffing shortages, and strained resources to meet these expectations. Sales teams in particular, are under tremendous pressure to grow. They need assistance in the form of quality lead capturing, and efficient workflows to scale. Read on to learn how to automate the process of generating leads for your business through your own website, or other digital property.

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Hitting the Mark with Digital-First Users (Part 1)

Digital-first users are comfortable with technology, and use it to help them shop, do research, and ‘get things done’. They have a different mindset compared to traditional users who prefer to interact directly with a person, in a physical location. The Digital-first mindset is shared by a large population around the world, and is growing rapidly.

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Generational AI Adoption

It wouldn’t be too hard to guess that younger people tend to adopt the latest technologies faster, and more seamlessly compared to their older counter-parts.  We’re not too many years removed from the introduction of the iPhone, and iPad devices that introduced a touchscreen interface to the masses.  This new mode of interaction (swiping, pinching, and tapping) was natural to children, but adults were wondering where the instructions were.  Fast forward over a decade later and a similar phenomenon is taking shape.  

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