About Us

XAPP AI is a Conversational AI (CAI) startup that was spun out of the industry leading XAPPmedia brand in 2021.  

XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and was first to market with interactive audio ads for mobile and smart speakers. The company developed Optimal Conversation™ Studio (OC Studio),  to enable the creation of Conversational AI apps at scale. Voice Cast from XAPPmedia is powered by OC Studio.

As the CAI market continued to develop and consumer’s expectations evolved, XAPP AI was formed as a separate entity to sell OC. This allowed for full focus and investment into building a SaaS platform that would enable customers and partners to implement cutting edge CAI experiences across all channels including webchat, website search, text, smart speaker and telephony.

XAPP AI was one of the first SaaS companies to achieve AWS Competencies in both Conversational AI and Applied AI, achievements that have helped it continue to serve thousands of enterprise, public sector, and SMB clients with delightful consumer experiences at scale.

XAPP AI helps Home Service businesses transform their customer interactions with AI.  Our deep understanding in this space allows us to provide industry models with expertise in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services just to name a few. With our integrations into the most popular field service management platforms, we make it simple for non-technical users to create and install AI solutions on their website and Google business profile.  

What Drives Us

XAPP AI Core Values


We build best in class conversational AI platforms and solutions.  We think like users of our creations and strive for elegance and simplicity through thought, care and attention to detail in meeting our customers’ needs.  We design quality into form and function and test obsessively to ensure exceptional value and performance.  We are dedicated to continual quality improvement  to always deliver the best  products. 


We are customer obsessed and we seek to serve as measured through individual moments of truth. Every time a customer, partner or end user comes in contact with a XAPP product, solution, website, document or person constitutes a moment of truth. Service relies on communication and responsiveness. We listen to our customers, partners and end users to understand their needs and delight them in our solutions.


XAPP AI leads through innovation. We are hungry to learn with a growth mindset about new market opportunities, technologies and business models and to build products and solutions that simply work better for our customers, partners and end users.  We strive to innovate every day in ways large and small in the products we build and the solutions we deliver and in the way we do business.  We constantly work to improve our offerings and make XAPP AI best in class.


The people we are and the people we serve are paramount.  We are inclusive and value mutual respect and we earn respect through our contributions and by investing our respect in others and valuing their contributions.  We treat others with dignity.    


Success depends on commitment and dedication in balance with healthy lives.  We are a family of individuals united by our shared mission to be our best and deliver best in class conversational solutions that empower our customers.  We give the extra effort needed to do things right, to relentlessly pursue quality, reliability, performance, empathy and integrity in everything we do.

Meet the Team

Frank Raines
Board Director
Pat Higbie
Curt Kolcun
Executive Chairman
Michael Myers
Chief Product Officer
Adam Tiberian
VP Sales
Pete Haas
Senior Solutions Architect
James Boden
Project Manager & Strategist
Bela Vizy
Senior Application Engineer
Chris Dietz
Senior Backend Engineer
Jason Radin
QA Specialist

Join the Team

We’re always searching for great talent to contribute to our growing team.  Do you think you have something to offer?  Let’s connect