Website Search in 5 Easy Steps

Often overlooked, the ability for users to find information on your website, is one of the most important features you can provide.  Self service is an accepted behavior, and the quality of your search experience will dictate the success or failure of users on their digital journey.   

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AI Self Service Trends

It’s hard to overstate the impact of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have had on us. We’re living in unprecedented times with breakthrough innovations happening at such frequency that we fail to realize the weight of these creations. In this article, we share interesting statistics on AI-powered self service

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Can AI save your website dropoff?

Most self-service failures occur when prospects and customers can’t get the information they want from your website.  Ironically, you have what they’re looking for, but can’t surface knowledge quickly and easily on all channels.  When this happens, you risk losing those frustrated users, and driving them to competitors.

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march madness

XAPP Supports the Madness!

In this episode, we discuss some of the advanced AI interactions we’re using to drive the March Madness skill on Amazon Alexa. Besides great content that user’s can access, there’ are some sophisticated features that are invisible, yet essential. We dig into some of those topics.

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Quarterly Report

Q1 Recap

As Q1 blew past us faster than a Nor’easter, let’s take a minute to reflect on a fast, furious, and successful first quarter at XAPP AI through the lens of our clients, our products, and our partners.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month

XAPP AI celebrates Women in History Month! Our director of Product Design, Yina Smith-Danenhower discusses her unique professional journey, plus the challenges of designing products and experiences for conversational AI, and intelligent search.

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Why Conversational Self-service is Essential NOW

Competitive pressures and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the landscape of customer service, raising customer expectations in terms of answering their questions and resolving their issues. Today’s customers expect a higher level of service and the best way to earn and retain their loyalty is with quick resolution of problems with as little effort as possible on their part.

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Intelligent Virtual Assistant Case Study

PepsiCo is one of the world’s largest food & beverage companies. With billions of consumers worldwide, PepsiCo was looking for innovative ways to improve the consumer experience, proactively share information on their corporate sustainability efforts, and help their consumers find retailers where they could buy their favorite PepsiCo beverages.

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