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Less Phone Calls, More Conversations: Optimal Conversations™ for Google My Business

XAPP AI announces new partner opportunity for SaaS companies

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As we kick off 2023, our team is hard at work building the next round of updates and innovations to help us better serve our customers.

With small businesses struggling to maintain their operations through unprecedented times, we are constantly looking at the market and trying to pinpoint places where our technology can help real people solve real problems. 

We take a decidedly transparent approach to our innovation efforts, with XAPP Labs offering a peak into research and development, and pilot programs that give us deep insight into the wants and needs of our customers. Today I’m excited to share some detail on one of those programs, Optimal Conversations™ for Google My Business, currently being rolled out as a closed beta with select partners. 

Why Google My Business

Global online search volume is dominated by Google. Over 92% of online search queries (about 8.5 billion each day) happen through Google. Most websites don’t rank and will rarely show up organically. Ranking for organic search can be especially tough for small businesses, who often do not have the time or resources to invest in updating their website to keep up with changes to the Google Search algorithm. Thankfully, businesses have the ability to claim their Google My Business page which helps companies manage their online presence, appear on Google Maps, and communicate directly with customers and prospects with Google Business Messages. That means that in as little as one click or tap, you can go from a search result to a conversation with a business.

As a business owner, that potential influx of messages can be exciting but also nerve-wracking. It’s become increasingly difficult for companies to manage inbound inquiries and then prioritize the ones from existing or prospective customers with a high likelihood of closing. Some tools exist to help companies automate messaging through social media channels, with Google Business Messages as an optional channel add-on. 

In talking to small business owners, some have shared that the available tools seem great but are often cost-prohibitive or too complex for their needs. SaaS companies selling into the small business market have shared that they struggle to find reliable, affordable, solutions that fit their client budgets and needs. 

After a lot of research and many conversations, we came to a few conclusions that turned into foundational truths for the Optimal Conversations™ for Google My Business product:

Most companies are struggling to respond to inbound inquiries. That’s a lot of customers left wanting, and a lot of business left unfulfilled.

To help manage this, the technology should always be on so that they don’t have to be. Setting the technology up to run autonomously and accurately means fewer on-the-job calls, fewer interrupted dinners with family and friends, and more time focused on the things that matter – all without any service interruption for customers, and prospective customers. It also means fewer headaches for vendor client services teams, who won’t be scrambling to put out fires caused by unreliable technology.

Small business owners are busy. 

We needed to build something that could be set up fast, with no code, and no intense ongoing management. It should work, and be something they can rely on.  By eliminating intensive onboarding, we minimize onboarding headaches (and costs) for vendors.

Companies feel forced to buy what’s being sold, and it isn’t always what they need.

Business owners know what they need and they know what they can afford to pay for it. With our new offering, there are no compromises. It’s enterprise-grade conversational AI technology packed into a no-code, easy to set up, simple to manage, tool. That means vendors can offer highly competitive technology at an accessible price point, all without worrying about managing any ongoing maintenance internally.

We’re excited about taking our technology and partnering with SaaS companies to put it to work for small business owners who are looking for better ways to manage inbound messages from Google Business Messages in real time. 

Interested companies can read more and apply to join the private beta ahead of the public launch.

Contact us to discuss how we can help any size business launch Conversational AI experiences that people want to use.

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