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Ten Years of Making the Impossible, Possible

Reflections on a decade of innovation and investment in voice and conversational artificial intelligence technology

XAPP AI team smiling at the camera

“Of course, it is impossible to click on an ad that is purely audio in nature.” – Digital Audio Advertising Overview, 2011

It’s remarkable what you can accomplish when you stop letting the word “impossible” dictate the size of your dreams.

While XAPP AI was spun out of the industry-leading XAPPmedia brand in 2021, the XAPP story started ten years ago this month. Anniversaries are often a time of reflection and this one is no different.

In 2011, voice interactive audio advertising was deemed “impossible.” In 2012, XAPPmedia invented voice interactive audio advertising with XAPP Ads, and a company was born.

By March 2014, the first XAPP Ad aired and an industry was born. 

Amazon took note of our cutting-edge technology and gave us a sneak peek at Alexa before they launched 3rd party skills.  We leaned into the emerging smart speaker network and created the Optimal Conversation™ Studio (OC Studio) platform for developing Voice AI apps at scale. 

XAPPmedia has since built more than 1,200 Alexa skills and Actions on Google for major brands and media outlets including Progressive Insurance, Toyota, National Geographic, the FAA, Cumulus Media, and many others. 

As we got more deeply involved in the supporting Conversational AI (CAI) technology that powered thousands of voice applications, we found OC Studio was ideal for third-party developers to use to build CAI solutions at massive scale.

XAPP AI was spun out of XAPPmedia as an independent SaaS business in June 2021 and the growth and innovation have been incredible to witness. We now have a SaaS platform that enables customers and partners to implement cutting edge Conversational AI (CAI) solutions across all channels including web chat, website search, text, Google Business Messages, social, smart speakers, and telephony. 

This month we celebrate ten years of making the impossible, possible. 

OC Studio now includes innovative features like auto-complete suggestions, intelligent search, and even the ability to search video and audio media with conversational AI and all powered by XAPP Unified Knowledge Model™.

Our partnership with Amazon, established in the infancy of our company, has continued to grow. We recently became one of the first SaaS companies to achieve an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Conversational AI Competency.  

Today, we are using OC Studio’s power and our team’s experience to develop and offer CAI solutions at scale to thousands of enterprise, SMB, and public sector organizations. It’s a remarkable milestone that would have been unimaginable, or dare I say, impossible – just a decade ago.

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