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XAPP AI Achieves AWS Conversational AI Competency Distinction

It was recently announced that XAPP AI had become one of the first SaaS companies to achieve Amazon Web Services (AWS) Conversational AI Competency.

This latest distinction energizes our team as we continue innovating to further empower organizations to implement self-service conversational AI solutions that customers will enjoy using.

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Ten Years of Making the Impossible, Possible

It’s remarkable what you can accomplish when you stop letting the word “impossible” dictate the size of your dreams.

While XAPP AI was spun out of the industry-leading XAPPmedia brand in 2021, the XAPP story started ten years ago this month. Anniversaries are often a time of reflection and this one is no different.

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Three Digital Self-Service Improvements to Make in 2023

Building a conversational AI model from scratch is like opening a box and finding a bunch of blocks with no instructions. Building with a pre-trained model is like opening a box and finding those same blocks…but with detailed diagrams and instructions, and some pre-assembled foundations to help you get started.

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Three Ways Conversational AI Can Improve the Digital Citizen Experience

Conversational AI offers a scalable way for state and local government agencies to offer more personalized services and interactions in a way that is accessible and intuitive to citizens. It has the ability to work quietly in the background, powering great experiences by improving the consistency and accuracy of information provided, improving speed of response, and improving the intuitiveness and ease of use of the digital experience.

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The Fastest Way to Launch Conversational AI Experiences at Scale

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is changing how we interact with technology and each other. The technology enables more human-like interactions than ever before but the complexities of the technology can make implementation intimidating, especially for organizations looking to implement quickly and often. Our advice to anyone looking for the fastest way to launch conversational AI experiences at scale: find yourself a partner.

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The Step by Step Guide to Evaluating Conversational AI Software for Self-Service

As companies look to integrate conversational AI solutions into their existing tech stacks, it can be difficult to understand how to prioritize ever-evolving customer expectations against the needs of the business, as they relate to this technology. It’s hard to determine whether or not the conversational AI solution you’re considering will be able to flex and scale as needed. To do this the right way, it’s important to ask a few key questions before you build.

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Transforming Customer Experience with Conversational AI

It’s no secret that customers seek out and become more loyal to companies that offer better experiences. In the digital world, they want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems quickly and easily, without having to go through the click-and-scroll rigamarole we’ve all grown used to when using online content. While some businesses have responded by adding live chat tools to lend support, many have limited hours and long wait times. Over the years, a new option has emerged: self-service tools and Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) powered by Conversational AI technologies that let humans talk to computers the way they would talk to another human.
To do this the right way, it’s important to ask a few key questions before you build.

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What is Intelligent Search?

The benefits of a well executed IVA can range from lowered operating costs to improved conversion rates and the ability to use conversational data to help guide future site or app improvements. The key part of that sentence is “a well executed IVA” because all of the technology in the world means nothing if it doesn’t benefit the user in some way.

To do this the right way, it’s important to ask a few key questions before you build.

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