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Free AI-Powered Chatbot for Small Businesses: A Halloween Treat

Our free AI chatbot can help you support deflection and keep the burden off your team while converting leads

As we head into the end of the year, staffing challenges are hitting hard, making it hard for small businesses in particular to compete in the highly competitive hiring market. 

Many small business owners find themselves trying to do more with fewer people, and the employee and customer experience suffers. To help alleviate some of the burden, we’re proud to announce that small businesses can now add a free XAPP AI-powered chatbot to their website.

Our free, custom, AI-powered chatbots can help you support deflection and lessen the burden on your team while improving lead conversion rates.

The benefits of using our AI-powered chatbots

Save money on headcount

Our AI-powered chatbots can handle prospect and customer inquiries 24/7/365, so you don’t have to hire additional staff or miss out on opportunities that come in outside of working business hours.

Improve deflection

Our technology allows people to self-serve and get the answers they need without making a phone call.

Get alerted when a potential lead comes in

Our platform will send you an alert when someone requests your contact information so that you are ready to respond and can follow up promptly. We even offer lead capture, scoring, and routing in our paid tiers.

In addition to these benefits, our AI-powered chatbots are also easy to set up and use. You can create your chatbot in under five minutes, and it will be able to start handling customer requests immediately. 

The implementation is easy enough for a non-technical person to handle the launch and ongoing management, all without any coding.

Claim your free custom AI-powered chatbot

If you’re a small business owner, AI chatbots are a great way to improve your customer service, increase sales, and improve efficiency. Sign up for your free AI chatbot today and see how it can help your business grow. To claim your free AI chatbot, just click this link and create your free account. We’ll have your custom chat experience ready to go in less than five minutes.

Contact us to discuss how we can help any size business launch AI-powered search and chat solutions that answer customers’ questions, build trust and capture leads.

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