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Partnering to Put Conversational AI to Work for Your SMB Customers

Partnership with our Conversational AI company, from implementation and integration to ongoing support and communication.

At XAPP, we believe that every business should have access to the latest AI technologies. That’s why we’ve created a powerful AI self service solution that answers customers’ questions, builds trust and captures leads; while seamlessly integrating into CRMs and back-end management systems.  XAPP AI is pre-engineered for small business industries for easy installation, zero maintenance and rapid return-on-investment (ROI).  As an AWS partner with proven Conversational AI competency we take pride in offering enterprise-grade solutions using best-in-class conversational AI technologies.. 

For partners, we bring enterprise-class, conversational AI and intelligent search solutions to SMBs at scale by making it easy for small business SaaS providers (e.g., all-in-one local marketing platforms, field service management systems, CRMs,et al.) to open new revenue streams with AI powered search and chat solutions that embed directly into their existing platforms. Our partners appreciate the ease of implementation and long-term scalability, which position them for quick and successful launches.

We have made it our mission to make integrating with our platform as seamless as possible. 

That means that our team handles the bulk of the work in order to reduce time to value for our partners and their customers. This makes life easier for the developers and gives partners faster returns on their investments. In practice, it means that implementation looks like this:

XAPP AI Partner Implementation and Integration Launch Prep Responsibility Matrix

Review the full partner integration documentation

Our plug and play approach for partner dev teams is made possible by the way that our technology works. Unlike menu-driven chatbot experiences that require manual programming of a set list of questions and answers, our process is to automatically crawl the SMB website for both content and branding and combine that with an industry-specific model  to answer customers’ questions, build trust and capture leads. Partners with strong brand teams can rest comfortably knowing that even the visual branding of all assets to meet brand standards is handled by our process, with manual QA built-in to ensure compliance. We then continue to crawl and index the SMB’s publicly available content on a periodic basis to ensure that it’s up to date for as long as the technology is live.

There was an intentional focus on building the technology in a way that lightens the lift for our partners. We understand that dev teams are typically sizing and prioritizing a large list of products, and by focusing on keeping things as simple as possible, we make it possible for our partners to continue to focus on their core roadmap while adding value with leading edge AI powered chat and search.

The intelligent virtual assistant component of our offering creates an opportunity for further integration with our partners’ systems, with the ability to capture lead data and tie it to scheduling automation. That prospect or customer data can also be sent directly to an existing CRM or other systems of record.

“Working with XAPP has allowed us to quickly scale an AI-driven self-service solution for our customer base. The process efficiencies created through industry models have led to qualified lead capture, improved client workflows, and a better overall experience for the end user.

This has been a win, win, win relationship benefitting Surefire Local, XAPP AI, and most importantly the local businesses that we serve.” – Maureen Moran, Chief Technology Officer – Surefire Local

XAPP AI Post-Implementation Partner Experience

Once the new features are live on partner-powered sites, we take a similar approach to managing the experience to support our partners in the form of a dedicated customer success manager and ongoing engineering support. 

As users engage with the conversational and intelligent search features, updates and changes can be made to improve key performance metrics like conversion rate, with the ability to iterate, innovate, and evolve based on data-informed business and product needs.

More broadly, our product roadmap is focused on innovation, optimization, and customer satisfaction and partner success. 

We aim for true partnerships characterized by quick time-to-value and consistent returns.

Contact us to discuss how we can help any size business launch AI-powered search and chat solutions that answer customers’ questions, build trust and capture leads.

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