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AI Scheduling

New Product Announcement

AI Scheduling

XAPP AI introduces a new AI-Powered Scheduler for Jobber, ServiceTitan, and Housecall Pro Customers

The streamlined 3-Step Booking Process Enhances Customer Experience and Increases Scheduled Jobs

AI Scheduling

Xapp is proud to announce the launch of its innovative AI-powered Scheduler, designed to seamlessly integrate with Jobber, ServiceTitan, and Housecall Pro. This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the booking experience for service businesses, offering a streamlined 3-step process that significantly reduces drop-off rates and maximizes scheduled jobs based on job value.

The Future of Scheduling

The new AI-powered Scheduler by XAPP AI simplifies the booking process, making it faster and more efficient for consumers. By leveraging advanced AI, the Scheduler guides users through a user-friendly 3-step process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. This results in fewer drop-offs and a higher rate of jobs sent to dispatch, benefiting both consumers and service providers.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced User Experience – The innovative 3-step scheduling process is designed to make scheduling simple for consumers, reducing drop-offs and incomplete bookings
  • Increased Job Scheduling – By streamlining the booking process, the AI powered scheduler increases the number of booked jobs helping service businesses grow their customer base and revenues 
  • Prioritized Job Scheduling – Maximize revenues by prioritizing high impact jobs first.  Our AI will male it easier for your Dispatch team to identify high revenue jobs maximize revenue and profitability
Seamless Integration – The AI powered Scheduler integrates with Jobber, Servicetitan, and Housecall Pro, allowing service businesses to upgrade their scheduling capabilities without disrupting existing processe

Special Offer

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XAPP AI is a leader in AI innovation for home service businesses, providing state of the art solutions to transform the consumer experience.  With a focus on making AI accessible to SMBs, XAPP empowers businesses to achieve efficiencies, productivity, and success.

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