AI Scheduling

Leverage AI scheduling for your business to increase booked jobs into your preferred field service management platform.  A streamlined AI booking experience reduces drop-off and increases scheduled jobs from your visitors. 

  • Bookings in just 3 Steps
  • Schedule Jobs Faster with AI
  • Automatically Prioritize leads into your FSM

Use free the first 30 days

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XAPP AI Scheduler

Increase your bookings using XAPP’s AI-powered Scheduler, now available.  Try it free the first 30 days. Simplifies complex scheduling into a quick, three-step process, seamlessly integrating with your FSM’s calendar.

XAPP AI Scheduler

AI Scheduling (includes Leads package)


Increase Scheduled Jobs with AI

*Billing starts after 30 days*

Send Leads and Scheduling Requests to...


Add and update clients, requests, and jobs directly to your Jobber account.  Automatically label job requests to match your products and services.

Service Titan

Create bookings as leads, and create jobs sent to your Service Titan account.  Automatically populated with your business unit and job type

housecall pro

Add customers, and create jobs sent to your Housecall Pro account.  User descriptions are automatically labeled with the appropriate job type