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Going Vertical

Using AI to help Home Services

If you’re reading this, you already know Artificial Intelligence will impact every aspect of our personal, and professional lives.   

At XAPP AI, we’re embracing this future and focusing on one specific industry – Home Services.  In doing so, we’re solving the friction points that are unique to this particular vertical.  

This means doing the hard work to understand these businesses, and using AI when it improves the experience for the customer and business alike.   

Integrating with the platforms these companies use on a daily basis, and understanding the language and jargon of these small and midsize businesses is essential to creating a differentiated experience.  Learn how our narrow focus brings a broad range of benefits, and is a winning strategy when implementing AI solutions.

Man and Robot

When you try to be everything to everyone, you accomplish being nothing to anyone

Bonnie Gillespie

home services band

Integrating into existing workflows

Home Services companies have established processes, our goal isn’t to throw them away.  Let’s introduce efficiencies using AI to improve these workflows.  

Field Service Management platforms like Service Titan, Jobber, and Housecall Pro drive most of the day-to-day operations, from dispatching technicians and managing customers, to invoicing for jobs.  Below is a real world example of injecting AI into an existing workflow.

One of our customers wanted to replace their existing scheduling tool on their website with a better UX for customers.  Using an AI approach, XAPP prompts the user to describe the issue, and skips a series of steps the user traditionally had to fill out.  

Streamlining the UX with Artificial Intelligence

Traditional Scheduler

More steps means more drop-off and user fatigue.  The end result is less appointments, and a poor experience.  

New Scheduler using AI

Users describe the issue, and XAPP fills out the necessary fields automatically.  We were able to reduce scheduling from over 10 steps to just 3. 

Provide your contact info

Pick a time-slot

Describe your issue

Job created

Understanding the Language of Each Industry

Every industry has their own Jargon, and Home Services is no exception.  Here are just a few of the questions our industry trained models and FAQs are able to answer.

A seer rating is a measure of the energy efficiency of an air conditioning unit. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is at cooling a space.

An escutcheon is a decorative plate that covers the hole in a wall or ceiling where a pipe or valve comes through. It is often used in plumbing to provide a finished look and protect the surrounding area from water damage.

In this situation, XAPP AI knows this is a ‘buying intent’, or a desire to connect with the business right away.  We know this, because we understand the language of plumbers, HVAC, electricians, etc.  Know the types of services, and common issues helps us provide a more effective experience for the user.  We collect the user’s contact information and send it to the FSM, or CRM of choice so this person can get help right away.

Focused Product Development

Going vertical allows XAPP AI to bring products to market based on direct feedback from our customers.  We speak with business owners daily about scheduling more appointments for their cleaning service, or improving deflection for their home remodeling service.  This direct connection with an industry allows us to listen first, then deliver solutions with a high probability of being successful.  

As we’ve built relationships with customers, XAPP has been able to introduce new products to market faster.  The trust we’ve earned let’s us ‘beta test’ early with an incredible feedback loop among our community.  

Going Vertical works

Our narrow focus has quickly proven to be a successful approach.  It’s allowed our small team to develop expertise and specialization.  We’ve improved our customer relationships by showing credibility, and have been able to solve the problems that are affecting business owners in the Home Services space.  

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Want to test the power of AI for your Home Services business?

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