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Small businesses find it challenging and costly to use artificial intelligence, even though it helps them stay competitive. Many are interested in how to take advantage of AI technologies like Chat-GPT  but lack the know-how to use it effectively.

Experience you can Trust

With a decade of expertise in conversational AI, XAPP AI offers an easy to launch generative AI solution to boost your digital resources. Our SaaS solution, tailored for small businesses, equips your team with advanced technology, enabling you to concentrate more effectively on your core strengths.

Powerful Tools - Easy to Use

Conversational AI, Generative AI, and Intelligent Search are among the leading advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Individually, each holds the promise to transform business practices. Now, as they start to intertwine, they’re opening avenues to elevate and scale businesses without extra operational costs.


All our solutions operate on a digital brain we term the Unified Knowledge Model™. This model ensures uniformity in content understanding, industry models, and intent recognition across all channels. With the added support of industry-specific FAQs, it guarantees a consistent self-service experience regardless of how your customer interacts with your business.

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