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XAPP AI Assistant

A helpful assistant for your website & Google business profile. Answer questions, and capture leads sent to your preferred field service management platform.

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XAPP AI Scheduler

Schedule jobs from your website with an AI scheduler designed to reduce the number of steps needed for bookings. Includes AI chat with the ability to get leads.



Every feature from our XAPP AI Assistant and XAPP AI Scheduler plans. Answer questions, capture leads, and schedule jobs directly to your FSM.

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XAPP AI Assistant

Create a capable assistant that’s an expert on your business in minutes using a combination of industry knowledge, and your website’s content. Available 24/7 to answer questions. Sign-up for a paid plan to send leads to your preferred field service management platform.

XAPP AI Starter

AI Chat for your Website


AI Question Answering


AI Chat + Leads


Turn your Site into a Lead Machine

XAPP AI Complete

AI Chat, Search, GBM + Leads Capture


AI Multi-Channel Solution

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XAPP AI Scheduler

Increase your bookings using XAPP’s AI-powered Scheduler, now available.  Try it free the first 30 days. Simplifies complex scheduling into a quick, three-step process, seamlessly integrating with your FSM’s calendar.

XAPP AI Scheduler

AI Scheduling (includes Leads package)


Increase Scheduled Jobs with AI

*Billing starts after 30 days*

AI Scheduler Integrations

Service Titan
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Available Now
housecall pro
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Available this Summer
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This all-in-one package includes every one of XAPP AI’s solutions at our best price.  Answer questions, capture leads, schedule jobs, and send them to your preferred field service management platform


AI Chat, Search, GBM, & Scheduler


Maximize the Power of AI

*Our Best Value*

All of XAPP AI's Solutions

AI Chat

AI Search

Google Business Messages

Live Agent Barge-in

AI Scheduling

Integrated into your FSM

We Know your Business

Pre-trained on many home service businesses including Plumbing, HVAC, Cleaning, Landscaping, and more.

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of consumers prefer messaging

Get prospects out of market, even outside of business hours

XAPP AI's instant, automated responses seamlessly handle inquiries, collect information and even manage scheduling

75% of consumers would rather message a business than talk to a person. Our fast, accurate responses make it easy to meet people where they are.

Integrated into your Platform

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Jobber customers receive 15% off all XAPP plans. 


Add AI powered chat & search to your website and Google Business Profile.  Here are just some of the features

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