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Prominent Government Industry Execs Join XAPPmedia Advisory Board

XAPPmedia today announced Curt Kolcun, retired VP U.S. Public Sector at Microsoft, and Doug Wagoner, retired Sector President at SAIC, have joined the company’s Advisory Board.

WASHINGTON, January 31, 2019 – XAPPmedia, the leader in Voice AI for brands, media and the public sector, today announced that Curt Kolcun and Doug Wagoner have joined the company’s advisory board to help grow its public sector business. Mr. Kolcun served over 27 years at Microsoft — the last 9 as VP U.S. Public Sector where he oversaw multi-billion dollars in sales growth. Mr. Wagoner served 10 years at SAIC – the last 4 as Sector President where he was responsible for SAIC’s delivery of services and solutions across all global markets for an organization consisting of 13,500 engineers, technologists and specialists located worldwide.

XAPPmedia provides voice-interactive artificial intelligence (Voice AI) solutions for consumer brands, media organizations, and the public sector. Voice assistants from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have proven popular among consumers and are now accessible on over 1.5 billion devices worldwide. Voice apps offer additional value in both consumer interactions and for internal operations. XAPPmedia created a platform, One Voice AI, used by over 150 organizations to build and manage over 1,100 voice apps.  The platform enables rapid deployment, ease of management, and multi-voice assistant app publishing for global enterprises that need to comply with security and PII standards such as FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPAA, COPPA and PCI.

“XAPPmedia has invested heavily to develop an enterprise Voice AI platform that brings leading edge citizen services and mission capabilities as well as addresses the stringent public sector security and PII requirements including FedRAMP and GDPR compliance,” said Curt Kolcun, former VP U.S. Public Sector for Microsoft. “The use cases for helping public sector organizations with Voice AI are endless and I’m excited about helping XAPP formulate its strategy to capitalize on its platform investment to execute and scale quickly.”

“It got my attention when I heard XAPP had launched over 1,100 voice apps on Alexa and Google Assistant, and then when I saw their work with the FAA, I knew they were poised to serve Federal,” said Doug Wagoner, retired Sector President at SAIC.  “Federal agencies have a great opportunity to provide better service to the public while saving money with Voice AI and I look forward to helping XAPPmedia help them.”

“Voice AI provides the most convenient way to access content, information and digital services – users simply ask and get.  Alexa and Google Assistant, now available on 1.1 billion consumer devices, create an enormous opportunity for public sector organizations to better serve their constituencies.  Curt and Doug built highly successful careers around bringing new technology to Federal, state, local and education markets. They will help us formulate our government market strategy and build the strategic partnerships that will enable us to execute that strategy,” said Pat Higbie, Co-founder and CEO of XAPPmedia.

About XAPPmedia

XAPPmedia® is the leader in delivering Voice AI for brands, media, and the public sector that create direct consumer connections through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. More than 1,100 voice apps have launched using XAPP’s One Voice AITM software platform that accelerates voice app production, provides multi-assistant publishing from a single code base and is incorporated into a high availability managed service. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC. One Voice AI and Voice CastTM are trademarks of XAPPmedia, Inc. Learn more at https://xapp.ai.

Media Contact:

Ava Mutchler