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Q1 Recap

Quarterly Report

As Q1 blew past us faster than a Nor’easter, let’s take a minute to reflect on a fast, furious, and successful first quarter at XAPP AI through the lens of our clients, our products, and our partners. 

Clients – We successfully launched Optimal Conversations™ for Sales, enabling sales leaders to have an efficient AI enabled conversation with both clients and prospects.  These self-service interactions can qualify and capture leads, while integrating and appropriately routing through your CRM.  OC for Sales is uniquely positioned to bring AI/ML to the SMB market at price points that makes sense.  The result of our efforts culminated with the closing of a lighthouse account that will focus on lead capture for sales and knowledge management to support customer service.  More details to come in a later post…

Product – The Roadmap is right on track with the release of XAPP AI’s Unified Knowledge Model™.  The UKM has three main features that will help our clients communicate in a relevant, accurate, and consistent manner across all channels for an incredible user experience.

Combines intelligent search with conversational AI

An Interaction Model

XAPP AI’s unique auto-complete feature

Partners – The Partner Network continues to grow as we welcomed two new partners into the XAPP AI network.  Our focus to provide best in class conversational AI solutions that allow organizations to exceed their digital transformation goals, along with our Partners’ unique values, is a true win for our mutual clients.  Be on the lookout for the upcoming press releases.

That’s all for now, I’m looking forward to Q2 and some Spring weather!