Pre-trained Conversational Models for your Vertical Industry


XAPP AI provides a suite of pre-built industry models to support an array of verticals from home remodeling to legal services.  These models ‘jump-start’ your intelligent assistant by coming pre-trained to handle common conversations for each industry. Empower users with the ability to ask questions, and build trust with your business before initiating contact with you directly.     

When prospects are ready to contact your business, their questions will convert to buying intents.  For example, saying ‘I need an estimate on a new air conditioner‘ is immediately understood as an intent to connect.  Our built-in lead capture flows ensure you’re capturing relevant information from prospects so you can grow your business faster.

Answering Questions

A user asking questions to learn and build trust.  The user begins by asking questions to ensure they’re engaging with a reputable business capable of fixing an air conditioner.  They don’t want to connect with the business yet, and prefer to self-serve at this stage of the customer journey. 

Buying Intents

A user wants to connect with the business.  Our auto-suggestions aide the user in the discovery of things they can say.  The intent to connect with the business is detected using our pre-built industry vertical models, and a natural exchange of collecting a name and phone number proceeds.


  • Powered seamlessly by your website content
  • Auto-suggestions improve discovery, teach users how to ask questions
  • Live in under an hour!