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Bring enterprise-class conversational AI and intelligent search to SMBs at scale.  We make it easy for small business service providers to open new revenue streams with AI powered search and chat solutions that embed directly into your existing platform.

Your Partner for Better Answers Across Channels

Advanced AI technology and industry specific conversational models get users the answers they’re looking for, fast.

Our Unified Knowledge Model returns highly relevant and accurate answers to questions from existing content – not just lists of links or walls of text.

Low and no code solutions give your customers the ability to let users choose whether they want to chat or search the website to find what they’re looking for.  With Advanced AI that automatically learns business-specific relevant responses and pre-built industry specific models for HVAC, Roofers, Remodelers, Legal Services, Plumbers, and more. XAPP AI’s Optimal Conversation Studio makes it easy to get started.


Designed to integrate seamlessly into your platform

Engineered to work with your existing tech stack

The single-source of truth for creating and managing conversational AI and intelligent search experiences at scale for thousands of SMBs.

Optimal Conversation Studio brings leading Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered search into an easy to use centralized management platform with low-code and no-code options for creating and managing multiple chat and intelligent search experiences.  The control and consistency with AI that’s accessible to companies of all sizes makes it perfect for small business service providers looking to offer AI powered solutions that scale to meet the unique needs of your customers.


The Unified Knowledge Model™ returns highly relevant and accurate answers to specific questions like “when are you open?” and “can I schedule a quote for a bathroom remodel?”


Designed to fit seamlessly into existing tech stacks, our super flexible SDK offers limitless API integrations with low and no code management.


Advanced AI modeling understands context and urgency, with Intelligent Virtual Assistant capabilities that include lead capture, lead scoring, and routing.

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“Working with XAPP has allowed us to quickly scale an AI driven self-service solution for our customer base. The process efficiencies created through industry models have led to qualified lead capture, improved client workflows, and a better overall experience for the end user.

This has been a win, win, win relationship benefitting Surefire Local, XAPP AI and most importantly the local businesses that we serve."
Maureen Moran
Chief Technology Officer - Surefire Local