Optimal Conversations™ for SMBs gives you a competitive advantage powered by AI.

Optimal Conversations for SMBs (OC for SMBs), is an AI-powered solution from XAPP AI.  Deploy intelligent search, and virtual assistants to your website, or other digital properties.  Acquire new customers faster using AI technology for your sales process, and be more responsive to the changing behaviors of digital-first customers.

Optimal Conversations™ for SMBs from XAPP AI enables you to:


Capture quality leads from the start


Deepen relationships and increase customer retention


Streamline sales cycle workflows

OC for SMBs from XAPP AI is a turnkey solution, extending best-of-breed AI services to small and mid-sized businesses.

Pre-trained Conversational Models for your Vertical Industry

XAPP AI provides a suite of pre-built industry models to support an array of verticals from home remodeling to legal services.  These models ‘jump-start’ your intelligent assistant by coming pre-trained to handle common conversations for each industry. Empower users with the ability to ask questions, and build trust with your business before initiating contact with you directly.     

Increase Sales,
Delight Customers

Retire quotas faster and close more deals with XAPP AI’s Optimal Conversations (OC) for SMBs interactive virtual assistant (IVA) solution. 

OC for SMBs will help drive new business with a Unified Knowledge Model™ that helps customers get consistent, intelligent answers and responsive service 24/7 via their channel of choice including search bar, chat, text and voice.

Try our live demo yourself to:

  • Increase sales productivity by up to 20%
  • Keep salespeople informed with CRM integration
  • Provide instant support via chat, text, and voice
  • Reduce administrative task workloads

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