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Website Search in 5 Easy Steps

Often overlooked, the ability for users to find information on your website is one of the most important features you can provide.  Self service is an accepted maxim, and the quality of your search experience will dictate the success or failure of users on their digital journey.    

You have to play

If you don’t provide search functionality on your website, you limit the ability for self service, and discovery.  Think of it this way, you’ve had your site online for years now.  You have thousands of pages of content, but the only way to surface that information is through links on your site?  

30% of visitors use a site search box when one is offered.

Site search is 1.8x more effective at producing conversions.

Source: AddSearch

No more, keyword search

Searching your site with a simple keyword search engine is so passé.  Natural Language Understanding of user search requests powered by machine learning is the most flexible experience.   The latest technology often referred to as an ‘Insight Engine’ proactively searches information from your website and other documents, then indexes volumes of knowledge is the superior to traditional on-demand simple keyword searches.  These offerings aren’t only for large enterprises with massive budgets.  

The expected compound annual growth rate for this market segment is 25% from 2022-2027.   Source  

Improve your content

Optimize search of your website by producing solid, searchable content.  Creating sites using Structured Data is one way to make your site more ‘searchable’.  While it’s true that intelligent search combined with a conversational interface is a path to greatly improve a user’s experience…it won’t create or improve your content.  

Track and monitor search queries

Through constant monitoring of what users are searching for, you can steadily improve the performance, and glean invaluable insights where users will tell you exactly what they want.  It’s up to you to create a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.  

Don't make me type!

Staring at an empty search bar can be intimidating.  Offer them a constant companion through auto-suggestions, and auto-complete of user queries.  You not only make the experience easier, you’re offering dynamic assistance with every keystroke.