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XAPP AI Achieves AWS Applied AI Competency Status

The new Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) competency in the Machine Learning (ML), from Amazon Web Services (AWS) demonstrates the continuous evolution of AWS Competency Programs, as demand for AI driven applications continues to mature. AWS launched the new Applied AI category within the AWS ML partner category to help customers easily and confidently identify appropriate off-the-shelf AI solutions.

Applied AI is an area of artificial intelligence that gives tasks life, closing the distance between abstract development and actual task execution. Enhancing software applications, and making use of advanced machine learning, applied AI can provide high levels of process accuracy and adaptation over time.

Multiple industries commonly use applied AI to enable computers, and computer-controlled robots, to execute real tasks with “human-like” judgement to reduce errors and predict outcomes. Through integration of applied AI, businesses can create end-to-end automated processes while also experiencing increased efficiency, and ultimately revenue.

As an AWS partner, XAPP AI is one of the first to achieve the new Applied AI competency in the Machine Learning category. This recognition demonstrates XAPP AI’s experience and expertise in building machine learning solutions and integrations on AWS.  Additionally, this achievement identifies XAPP AI as an AWS Partner with proven knowledge around highly specialized AI solutions for developing omni-channel, enterprise virtual assistants.

XAPP AI’s Conversational AI Solutions

XAPP AI provides conversational AI solutions to empower the next generation of customer service. Our Conversational Self Service for Contact Center Intelligence (CSS4CCI) and Optimal Conversation™ Studio (OC Studio), are helping customers succeed with scalable, intelligent AI services. OC Studio provides a low code, machine teaching workflow that complements Amazon Lex, Amazon Kendra, and Amazon Polly, to enable enterprises to build omni-channel conversational experiences with a natural feel.

CSS4CCI enables enterprises to create intelligent virtual assistants in less than 60 minutes by automating knowledge capture from existing content. These enterprise-level virtual assistants use this domain knowledge to give customers the ability to ask chatbots and voice-based assistants any number of questions the same way they would ask a live agent and get intelligent answers instantly. The return-on-investment (ROI) and customer experience improvements are measurable and instantaneous.

XAPP AI is proud to be one of the first AWS Partners to achieve AWS Machine Learning Applied AI Competency status,” says Curt Kolcun, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of XAPP AI. “We are dedicated to helping organizations achieve their business transformation goals by leveraging the speed, value, and continuous innovation that AWS AI Services provide.

Curt Kolcun, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of XAPP AI

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