RAG can make written documentation available instantly in contextually relevant and helpful ways

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When it comes to exploring new technologies with the potential to make substantial and immediate impacts on businesses, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) stands out. It’s one of many types of AI gaining traction and broader interest as people experience the power of things like ChatGPT.

What is Retrieval-Augmented Generation?

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a type of generative AI model that uses a combination of retrieval and generation to produce text. 

Think of it like an open-book test. In order to answer a question, you use the provided content to write an accurate and comprehensive answer. 

RAG models first retrieve a set of relevant documents from a large collection of text. The documents are then used to inform the generation process, which results in text that is more accurate and informative than text that is generated without retrieval. 

Where ChatGPT searches a broad range of documents for information to help answer questions, RAG can be personalized to a specific set of information relevant to a business. These could be PDFs like training manuals or even case studies. 

Why is RAG exciting?

We’re living in a time when common business pain points like staffing and training can have uncommon solutions. From using generative AI to make marketing videos to creating scalable and affordable Conversational AI solutions, technology is creating new options that could not have existed just a couple of years ago. Sometimes the technology (or combination of technologies) enables solutions that were inconceivable just a couple of months ago. 

RAG is exciting because it has the potential to make the written word experiential, indexable, and immediately available for a variety of different use cases. For example, RAG could be used to:

* Generate personalized training materials for employees

* Provide real-time support to field workers

* Create engaging customer experiences

How can it be used to improve business operations?

RAG is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses provide support to their employees and customers. Some of the ways that it can be used to improve business operations include:

Employee Training

RAG can be used to generate personalized training materials for employees. This can help employees learn new skills more quickly and effectively.

Field Support

RAG can be used to provide real-time support to field workers. This can help employees solve problems more quickly and efficiently while on-site.

Direct Customer Support

RAG can be used to create engaging customer experiences. This can help businesses to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why does RAG matter to XAPP AI?

XAPP AI is a company that is dedicated to using AI to solve real-world problems. We see an incredible opportunity to leverage the convergence of Conversational AI, Generational AI, and Intelligent Search technologies like RAG to revolutionize the way businesses provide training, support, and services. 

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June 8, 2023
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Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is the Operations Upgrade Your Business Needs

We’re living in a time when common business pain points like staffing and training can have uncommon solutions. Technology is creating new options that could not have existed just a couple of years ago. Sometimes the technology (or combination of technologies) enables solutions that were inconceivable just a couple of months ago. RAG has the potential to make the written word experiential, indexable, and immediately available for a variety of different use cases.
May 23, 2023
Image taken while standing over someone typing on a keyboard. On the screen is the Google search landing page.

Google Business Messages & AI: The Google Business Profile Combination You Can’t Afford to Ignore

AI-powered automation is a safe way for a business struggling to decide whether they can justify the cost of added headcount. We’ve built Optimal Conversation Studio™ for Google Business Messages to help support more efficient lead intake, routing, scoring and internal prioritization. It even includes the ability to handoff to a live person as-needed.
May 11, 2023
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Generative AI & ChatGPT for Digital Messaging

With Generative AI tools that range from supportive AI companions to Google Bard, which pulls information live from the web, companies today have the ability to choose very specific tools that best meet their very specific needs. When you start to dig in, it seems unlikely that every customer of every Conversational AI platform would have their needs best met by one single platform. What is infinitely more likely, and what we’re betting on at XAPP AI, is that the continued innovation in the Generative AI space is going to mean that what works for one company might not work for another.
April 26, 2023

AI Digital Messaging Options for Small to Midsized Businesses (SMBs)

While AI Digital Messaging is an emerging technology, it builds on the foundation of digital messaging that exploded in popularity over the last few years. For websites, apps, and third-party search, review sites, and aggregators, digital messaging capabilities are no longer just a “nice-to-have.” Digital messaging meets the desire of users to instantly contact a business from wherever they are, whenever they are, and gives businesses a way to connect directly with people to improve customer service and grow sales. With the explosive growth of these tools has come some operational headaches, especially for small and midsized businesses looking to empower their prospects and customers without dramatically changing their operating structure or incurring additional costs. The typical solution has been to staff these digital messaging tools with live operators to type one to one responses to inquiries as they come in. To meet the expectations of 24/7 availability, some have resorted to off-shoring their customer service, which can lead to a decline in quality and lack of consistency and accuracy. For operators who want to future-proof their operational costs by streamlining and scaling things like inbound sales and customer service, that decline in quality and accountability can be a non-starter. Enter AI Digital Messaging.
April 18, 2023

Conversational AI Technology: Build or Buy? A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

An easy way to determine if it makes sense for your company to invest in building from scratch versus buying a pre-engineered product is to ask yourself this: Is Conversational AI a core competency for our company? If the answer is no, there’s a strong likelihood that there are vendors available whose products can meet your business needs at a price that makes sense.
April 4, 2023

Partnering to Put Conversational AI to Work for Your SMB Customers

At XAPP, we believe that every business should have access to the latest AI technologies. That's why we've created a powerful AI self service solution that answers customers’ questions, builds trust and captures leads; while seamlessly integrating into CRMs and back-end management systems. XAPP AI is pre-engineered for small business industries for easy installation, zero maintenance and rapid return-on-investment (ROI). As an AWS partner with proven Conversational AI competency we take pride in offering enterprise-grade solutions using best-in-class conversational AI technologies..
March 1, 2023
A person's hand reaches towards a glowing animation of a robot with chat bubbles floating around it

Hook Into Chatbot Intelligence & Consistent Experiences to Drive Leads

As people continue to shift into a more digital-first mindset, usage of chatbots in online spaces continues to grow. With 24/7 availability and instantaneous responses, it’s no wonder that there’s a strong consumer desire to use digital self-service tools like chatbots. The businesses who build and implement these tools also benefit from them, with improved operational efficiencies and the ability to scale customer service without growing their team. The benefits for both consumers and businesses rely on the chatbot experience working as expected, which means that it’s vitally important for businesses to understand and meet consumer expectations.
February 16, 2023
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Digital Self-Service is the Future of Customer Satisfaction

As websites have evolved from online listings to online experiences, user expectations and business needs for operational efficiencies have been the drivers behind a lot of technical innovations. Take for instance, chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants. Something of a novelty just a few short years ago, now over 80% of people have interacted with a chatbot. This form of digital self-service offers users a convenient way to accomplish their task – whatever it may be – quickly and efficiently. Like most things, there are good and bad ways to implement these emerging technologies into your digital strategy.
January 26, 2023
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Less Phone Calls, More Conversations: Optimal Conversations™ for Google My Business

Business owners know what they need and they know what they can afford to pay for it. With our new offering, there are no compromises. It’s enterprise-grade conversational AI technology packed into a no-code, easy to setup, simple to manage, tool. That means vendors can offer highly competitive technology at an accessible price point, all without worrying about managing any ongoing maintenance internally. We’re excited about taking our technology and partnering with SaaS companies to put it to work for small business owners who are looking for better ways to manage inbound messages from Google Business Messages in real time.