Surefire Local and XAPP AI partner to help SMBs improve lead flow and sales efficiency

Surefire Local and XAPP AI announce AI-powered conversational site search and chat solutions for SMBs. The solutions, based on Optimal Conversations™ for SMBs from XAPP AI, will be integrated seamlessly into Surefire Local’s business intelligence marketing software, enabling SMBs to achieve greater sales efficiency.

With this new technology, SMBs will be able to meet the demands of today’s consumers by anticipating their questions and providing content they actually want. Regardless of how a prospective customer chooses to interact with their website, either through search or chat, SMBs will be able to provide immediate answers to earn their trust and business. Managing this within an all-in-one platform gives SMBs better lead flow and quality with a clear understanding of their customer’s journey.

“Digital-first consumers want to control the buying process. They want answers to their questions to build a modicum of trust with a business before sharing their contact information,” said Pat Higbie, Co-founder and CEO of XAPP AI. “The conversational website search and chat solutions from Surefire Local and XAPP answer consumers’ questions instantly using content from the website. It can also sense when a consumer shows urgency to interact, and only then, does the AI-chat request contact information so the business can follow up.”  

“I’m really excited about the added value we’ll bring to our customers with these maintenance-free, self-service solutions,” said Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO of Surefire Local. “These AI-powered tools will allow SMBs to improve their lead capture while accelerating sales growth through website search and chat and be able to measure true ROI all within one platform.”


XAPP AI Optimal Conversations™ SaaS solutions serve over 2,000 enterprises, government agencies, and small businesses with leading-edge intelligent search and Conversational AI functionality. XAPP AI is headquartered in Northern Virginia. 

About Surefire Local

Surefire Local provides business intelligence marketing software for small businesses helping them attract customers, grow profits, and maximize efficiency. Through its flagship product, Surefire Local Marketing Platform™, locally-focused businesses of all sizes can remove digital roadblocks hindering growth, gain insights, and take action to attract and engage new and current customers through measurable, multi-channel marketing.

September 19, 2022

Surefire Local and XAPP AI partner to help SMBs

Surefire Local and XAPP AI partner to help SMBs improve lead flow and sales efficiency Surefire Local and XAPP AI announce AI-powered conversational site search and chat solutions for […]
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May 3, 2022

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